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Mystic-Vape offers many types of Mods for sale at our Baltimore location.
A mechanical mod is simply an e-cigarette that has no electronic switches, regulators or chips ...

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Clearomizer Tank


We offer multiple-styled Tanks at our Baltimore location.
E Cig Clearomizer Tanks come in an assortment of different models, each compatible with their own atomizers, wicks, and drip tips.

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Vision-Spinner Batteries


Mystic-Vape offers several rechargeable lithium batteries to power your E-cig device.
Most batteries can be recharged over 300 times before needing to be replaced.

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Four-Wick Coil


We offer various Replacement Coil Systems, consisting of a mouthpiece; a fluid container; a screw thread fitting; and atomizer coil. Coils provide excellent vaping and are cost efficient.

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